Adult Protection


Minnesota Adult Abuse Reporting Center:


To make a vulnerable adult report, call 1-844-880-1574.  If the vulnerable adult is in immediate danger, call 9-1-1.


A vulnerable adult is any person, 18 or older, who receives services from a licensed health care facility or home care or personal care assistance provider in Minnesota, or who requires assistance to provide for his or her own care. This person also is unable or unlikely to report maltreatment because of a physical or mental limitation.


A vulnerable adult is a victim of maltreatment when she or he is subjected to abuse, neglect, or financial exploitation. 



Maltreatment includes:


   * Abuse, including physical, emotional and sexual abuse, use of restraints, involuntary seclusion or punishment


   * Neglect, including failure to provide necessary food, shelter, clothing, health care or supervision because of neglect 

      by a caregiver or because the vulnerable adult cannot meet their own needs


   * Financial exploitation, including theft or withholding of money or property and/or use of money or property not for

      the vulnerable adult’s benefit.



Reports made to the Minnesota Adult Abuse Reporting Center will be promptly submitted to the appropriate investigative agencies.  Mower County adult protection staff complete assessments and investigations of alleged maltreatment of vulnerable adults. 



Video on elder abuse, neglect and exploitation.



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